Review and Act on the CEAS Climate Action Plan

The Clean Energy and Sustainability (CEAS) committee’s plan will help us meet the “2050 Net Zero” goals established by the Commonwealth and adopted for Chelmsford at Spring Town Meeting 2021. Following the Metropolitan Area Planning Council’s Municipal Net Zero Playbook, the plan describes five primary actions we can take in Town over the next 25 years: 1) increase use and generation of solar energy; 3) increase energy efficiency of our buildings; 4) electrify heating and cooling of buildings; 5) drive more electric vehicles.

Use Renewable Energy

Educate Yourself and Family

Getting to know more about climate change, the environment, and sustainability, is fun! There are so many great books and YouTube videos for you to experience. Take a look at this collection put together for you and your family. Check our recommendations, for information and/or inspiration!

Here’s a snip from the top of the graphical list put together by Tamar.

Rethink Your Lawn

You can also give pollinators a better chance by mowing less. See No Mow May

Buy Less Stuff

Eat Less Meat

Graphic showing blah blah....

Eat Food with Lowest Supply Chain GHGs

Vote Green

Talk about Global Warming!

People often argue that “talking” doesn’t provide any solutions but there’s no way to get to a solution if people don’t believe in the problem. In the video below, you’ll hear how to get people to believe there’s a problem so that they want to accomplish a solution. The objective is to “win the hearts and minds” of people who may not be aware of environmental issues, or who may be on the other end of the political spectrum.  You are here on this page now because someone talked to you about environmental issues.  Simply providing people with action items (like the list above) won’t accomplish anything unless the people reading that list actually believe what you’re saying and understand they can play an active role in helping to find a solution.

Reduce your digital footprint