CCAT’s July 4th Parade Float is a Big Hit!

Happy Independence Day! CCAT had a great time at the parade!

Not only did we have Mother Earth herself handing out seedlings with her baby (Earth) enjoying a wagon ride, our float featured about 15 members driving 3 electric cars (Ford Mustang, Tesla Model Y, and Chevy Bolt), a ride-on electric lawnmower, an electric push mower, and even a 15-foot baby-stepping wind turbine, accompanied by the most helpful recycling bin in town!

A huge thanks to Scott at McGovern Ford of Lowell for letting us show off the Ford Mach-E, to Pat Lewis of Clean Air Lawn Care for bringing his electric lawn equipment and awesome family, and to Sanjay Upadhyay and his family for joining us and driving the Mustang!

You can see the video here: