Climate Friendly Banking

On March 21st, 2023 there were rally’s organized by Third Act called “Stop Dirty Banking” to protest the continued funding of fossil fuels by the big banks: Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, and Wells Fargo. One of the promoters behind this rally is the renown climate activist Bill McKibben from Lexington, MA. My home town. I met his mother at the rally and many other concerned folks. Most of us were baby boomers, which is understandable, because we have a lot of money that is invested in banks that are not climate friendly.

I attended the rally in Bedford. As you can see, I held a sign with a clear message: Defund Fossil Fuels. With the 6th Climate Report just released by the IPCC (Inter-government Panel on Climate Change), It is more and more obvious that we can’t be investing in fossil fuels anymore. And just this week, the Biden administration approved the Willow project to allow more oil drilling in Alaska. So we can’t just sit still.

But If you don’t feel comfortable protesting in person, you can send a message to banks that are financing fossil fuels by switching your bank and credit cards to ones that align with your values. Here is a FAQ from Third Act telling you how.

Symbolic cutting of credit cards