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Opt Up to Chelmsford Choice Greener or Greenest

You have the Power! Use it and Opt Up!

News! Did you know Chelmsford Choice, our municipal electricity aggregation program, starts a new 3-year contract in November 2020? It now has two options for choosing electricity generated by green, local, and renewable power sources: Greener and Greenest.

The former “Plus” option becomes the Greenest option, which provides you with 100% green electricity. If you had Plus before, you will carry over to Greenest. The new option called Greener provides 56% of your electricity from green power sources.

You have the power! Demand the electric utilities generate clean, safe, local, and renewable power. When your children and grandchildren ask, “What did you do about Climate Change?” say “I opted up to greener electricity through Chelmsford Choice.” Upgrading your electricity is one of the most effective things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce fossil fuels! Have you ever wanted to install solar panels on your roof, but were deterred by the up-front cost?  Choosing the 100% Greenest Option is basically equivalent.  Opting up also will encourage expansion of new renewable generating sources for the electricity grid  in our area. 

Please enroll in one of the opt-up green options:

1. Go to

2. Click Opt Up, and at bottom of the page click the OPT UP ONLINE button

3. In the Program Option field select the Greener or Greenest option

4. In the Utility Name field select your utility, for example, National Grid

5. In the Electrical account number field, enter the number from your electric bill

6. Fill in the other fields as needed

Otherwise, unless you were in “Plus”, you will be automatically enrolled in the default Basic option with only 16% renewable electricity for 10.042 ¢/kWh.

How do I determine what option I have?

Look at the back of your electric bill from National Grid. In the Supply Services section, the Supplier should be Constellation after the new contract takes effect (it was Public Power). On the Electricity Supply line the rate will reflect what option you have. If you have enrolled in the Greener option, the rate will show .11484. For Greenest option, it will show .13015. And for the default Basic option, it should show .10042.

What is the Cost of Opting Up to Greener Energy?

Right now it costs a little more for green renewable electricity, but in the future hopefully that won’t be the case as more of us opt up and major sources of local renewable energy, like the offshore Vineyard Wind farm, come online. Think of it this way. Isn’t it worth spending something to reduce climate change?

For the average Chelmsford household, the Greenest choice may cost about $214 more per year. While the Greener choice may only cost about $104 more per year, or about the same as two dinners out, or less than 1 cup of coffee a week at Dunkin Donuts!

Why Opt Up to Greener Electricity?

  • Clean non-polluting energy is better for your health
  • Demand drives the development of new renewable energy in New England
  • Increased supply ultimately lowers the price
  • Development of local energy sources creates local jobs and stimulates our economy
  • Knowing that lower carbon emissions slows climate change – Priceless!

If you want a lot more information about Chelmsford Choice and Green Municipal Aggregation in general. Here are (30+) slides from a PowerPoint presentation Tom gave for CCAT:

Also check out a blog about the First Baptist Church which has opted up as a result of Hugh Southall’s encouragement. Hugh provides a lot more detail on Chelmsford Choice Plus.