January 24, 2023 Bob Zogg

Weatherization and Heat Pumps with Heat Smart Alliance

Here is a link to a PDF version of the slides.Bob’s slidesBelow is the video recording of the presentation.

N0vember 14th, 2022

Bern Kosicki - Climate Change Action in Chelmsford - What can you do?

This was CCAT’s first live presentation at the Adams Library since COVID-19. Bern described the two climate action groups in Chelmsford, Chelmsford Climate Action Team and the Clean Energy and Sustainability Committee (CEAS). He gave a brief history of CCAT, highlighting the Climate Resolution presented at Town Meeting, which led to the formation of CEAS. Then he reported on what CEAS is working on, highlighting the Green House Gas Inventory and the Climate Action Plan. He reviewed the actions that have been taken so far and the plans for further action, which is where we all come in.

Check out Bern’s slides Bern’s slides

Climate Resolution Passed at Spring Town Meeting 2021

Chelmsford Town Meeting Article 28 Presentation

In 2021, the Chelmsford Climate Action Team submitted a warrant article to be taken up at the June town meeting.  The article did two things.  First, it affirmed that Chelmsford recognizes the human-caused nature of the climate change crisis.  Second, it called on the Select Board to create a new town committee responsible for advising the Select Board on getting Chelmsford to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.  Article 28 was passed thanks to a great deal of legwork done by the CCAT team including publicity, gaining sponsors (the Sierra Club), and passionate speeches at the town meeting itself.  In the picture above, Bern Kosicki (CCAT member) is standing at the podium in the white and green paid shirt, presenting the article, while CCAT member and Town Meeting rep Tom Armino (blue shirt) stands at the microphone speaking in support of the article.

Climate Conversations

December 2021:

"Seeing the Whole System: The Security and Sustainability Guide"

With Michael Sales.  Visit his website here: securesustain.org.  No video recording available.

September 2021

Tim Cronin "The New Massachusetts Climate Law"

Stephen Shinopoulos "Making Your Home More Efficient"

June 2021

Mike Simon "Building Science: Electrification and Energy Efficiency"

May 2021

Jesse Panek "Planting Native Species"

Feb 11, 2021

Vineyard Wind's projects

Dana Rebeiro & Rose DeCosta of Vineyard Wind on the status of Vineyard Wind’s projects.  No video available.

Jan 2021

Eric Tatara et al: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

November 2020

Melissa Joyce talks on "Sustainability in Chelmsford"

October 2020

"Climate Justice" with Nia Keith from Mass Audubon

October 8, 2020

Communicating about Climate Change

September 10, 2020

how Natick is reducing its carbon footprint

August, 2020

Troubled Waters: Fighting Pollution in the Merrimack River

This documentary by Dianne Sherratt Steimel is available on Chelmsford TeleMedia’s website: https://www.chelmsfordtv.org/episode/troubled-waters-fighting-pollution-merrimack-river

July 8, 2020

Town Hall with MA Representative Tami Gouveia

April 23, 2020

Kevin O'Reilly: Critical Thinking about Climate Change

February 24, 2020

Senator Mike Barrett

January 2020

John Rogers talk on Wind Power

Fall 2019

In the fall of 2019, under the sponsorship of Elders for Climate Action, we produced 3 videos on climate. You can view them on Chelmsford Telemedia ‘s website at the Community Channel: https://www.chelmsfordtv.org/program/elders-climate-action