Electric Vehicle Chargers at the Chelmsford Forum

As of February, 2023, Chelmsford has finished the installation of its first Level 3 Fast chargers (also know as DC Fast Charger) at the Chelmsford Forum, 2 Brick Kiln Rd, North Billerica. These ChargePoint units produce 62.5kwh individually. When paired, they can deliver up to 125 kW to a vehicle, if only one unit is in use, you get high-power charging with limited infrastructure costs. For reference, Level 2 chargers (such as the ones at the Library and Town Hall) produce 6.25kW. 

This type of charger is most useful for Non-Tesla EVs, since at this point in time, Winter 2023, they can’t use the Tesla Superchargers. But with a CCS Combo 1 adapter, a Tesla can use these chargers at the forum.

Time-to-charge will vary depending on local demand and battery size and they only work on vehicles equipped with Level 3 fast charge capabilities .