Bern and Tom attended Fitchburg Fair May 31, 2023

North Central Climate Connections hosted a climate fair at the Fitchburg Senior center that featured a number of local climate groups including us (CCAT). We displayed a catchy poster created by Tamar to express what we are all about.

There were two big draws at this event, besides the food and the free table for us to use.

One was the showing of a documentary film titled “Work of 1000” done by Susan Edwards and Dorie Clark of Counter Climate Change about Marion Stoddart, who spearheaded a dogged effort to get the Nashua river cleaned up. Here is a link to the film on Vimeo. It is worth the price to view. Truly inspiring in showing how one person can make such a huge difference in protecting the environment.

The second was an interview with Melisa Hoffer, Massachusetts’ Climate Chief. She in charge of all things climate across all of the states’ departments. The interview was terrific! She really spoke to the central mass community and answered questions in depth.

FATV’s video of the May 31st Conversation with Chief Hoffer is now posted as “news” on the NC4 website: Two of the initiatives Chief Hoffer mentioned on May 31st have been announced including:

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