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Massachusetts needs 100% Clean Energy

Updated: May 25, 2021

Nine other states and over 90 cities and towns in the US have various 100% clean energy mandates. It's time for Massachusetts to join this group.

Clean energy is any energy that doesn't emit green house gasses when produced. We want and expect that most clean energy will be renewable energy -energy from a renewable source like solar or wind.

This week the 100% Renewable Energy bill died in committee in the Massachusetts legislature for this session- which ends this year. This bill was very ambitious and aspirational- some legislators thought too ambitious.

We hope that a new 100% Clean Energy bill will replace it early next session. There is no reason why wind-rich Massachusetts should not have it's own clean energy bill.

We need to speed the generation of clean electricity so the green wave of EVs coming will be truly green!

One our initiatives is the Opt-Up campaign to encourage residents to choose a green option in the town's electric aggregation program, Chelmsford Choice. You can help to promote clean electricity by opting up to one of Chelmsford Choice's green options. Just go to ChelmsfordChoice.com

Also a terrific website with tons of information on EVs and clean energy in general is the Green Energy Consumers Alliance.

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